EV parking lot and charging stations - city of Seattle, WA

Minimize Your Total Cost of Ownership, and Maximize Your EV Ecosystem

With Cyber Switching’s EVMC you can install 4 charging stations for every available circuit breaker.

Install the EVMC between the power panel and the charging stations to lower cost of installation and energy consumption. The intelligent device switches, in a rotational manner, between a maximum of four, level 1 or 2 charging stations. The EVMC smartly charges all vehicles to 100%, bypassing fully charged cars and unused stations.

The EVMC by Cyber Switching is perfect for a wide variety of scenarios:

Apartment Complexes

  • Create a competitive advantage as the “Only” apartment with EV Charging
  • Charge additional rent for EV Charging spaces, possible 2-year payback
  • Charge back tenants for the actual energy consumed and add recurring fees

Condominium HOA

  • Owners need EV Charging Stations, so have them pay for it
  • One of the lowest infrastructure costs to upgrade facilities
  • Charge back the electricity to the owner of the space
  • Increases condo value

Office Building & Complex

  • Lease charging stations to lessees requiring EV charging during working hours
  • Charge back actual energy consumed
  • One of the greatest values when implementing an EV system
  • Improve employee productivity by eliminating “Move Your EV” policies

Fleets & Auto Dealerships

  • Minimize cost of installation
  • Charge entire fleet overnight by maximizing number of stations
  • Reduce the EV charging impact on your monthly utility demand charge fees
  • Reduce the hassle and time loss of constantly shuffling vehicles needing charging.

The difference between EV charging with and without EVMC from Cyber Switching:

Charging without an EVMC

Without leveraging an EVMC from Cyber Switching, your EV charging stations require larger conduit and more wires. Plus, every station is constantly fed power, reducing efficiency and wasting energy.

Charging with an EVMC

By using an EVMC from Cyber Switching, up to 4 EV charging stations require a single shared circuit breaker and connect using 1/4 the conduit and wires. Plus, every station is only fed power when there is an EV plugged in and the station is cycled power, maximizing efficiency and using energy far more efficiently. 

EV Charging with EVMC from Cyberswitching

Using EV Master Controller from Cyber Switching, you can:

  • Reduce infrastructure costs by 75% (transformers, panels, breakers)
  • Reduce installation costs by 50% (wire & conduit, EV charging stations)
  • Reduce energy consumption by controlling time of use
  • Networking capabilities via wifi, ethernet or cellular

Set up and manage your EV Master Controller with easy-to-use software

Setting up your EVMC

  • Assign users
  • Schedule timing
  • API integration
  • Verify operations
  • Preferred charging

Managing your EVMC

  • Monitor from any IP device
  • Receive real time alerts
  • Measure electrical use
  • Lower energy consumption
  • Control EV status
  • Billing capabilities