The Survey Says…

We had the great pleasure of sharing a survey through our friends at in May, 2020 and received some valuable feedback about our EVMC 3.8 portable EV charging system. We thought it might be valuable to provide some of those questions, and the answers to those questions, with you as you learn about this powerful system and consider your purchase.

Answers to a few of the questions readers posed are below. If you have more questions or would like to speak with us about the EVMC 3.8 or our other power management solutions, contact us today.

Interesting technology. It depends on the amount of time to recharge whether it will be accepted.

We have larger charging equipment available through our Cyber Switching parent company. Contact us to learn more.

It sounds like great tech, my only concern is that load sharing would be an issue unless units have a significant amount of dwell time.

Yes dwell time is important. The EVMC 3.8 is ideally suited for long term dwell situations where EVs are parked and charging during the course of a day or night.

This is a good option for vehicles that need less than 15-20 kWh of recharge. A Bolt would require 30 kWh at 1/2 charge- @ 3.8 kWh it would take 8 hours to charge that amount for one vehicle. You might get 2 cars charged in one night. As we move forward this will become obsolete. Cars will need more charging capacity moving forward. I like how the Cyber Switching product can make smart chargers out of dumb ones- we have several un-metered chargers that were installed in the beginning- it would be great to get some monitoring in place for those.

We have larger charging systems up to 9.6 kw. Our software makes dumb chargers smart.

Note: The 3.8 system is an entry level charging solution that is inexpensive, and in some cases like a plug-in hybrid. It could be the perfect solution for your fleet.

I would be concerned with the amount of power available to charge if all of the plugs were used. Current charging times on 110 are long, 220 are better. Also, we do not have a garage facility to use this unit. We would be doing all of our charging in parking spots away from buildings at this time.

With the enclosure the EVMC 3.8 can be mounted outside.

Assume it is just level two charging. Concerned the charging cable would “walk” since they’re just plugged in to the box.

With the enclosure they would have to cut the cable like any other charging system.

Does it have software to assist with charging back the electrical costs to each vehicle?

Yes, it has software for an additional cost.

I may not be knowledgeable enough to really give an adequate opinion but it sounds like it is still dependent on a slow charge cycle and what are the options if you have a power failure?

This is an entry level, Level 2 charging system. We have larger systems up to 9.6 kw and are working on 11.5 kw system. Yes, with a power failure you would stop charging but when power comes back on it will start charging again.

How much does it cost. Lots of info but no cost info.

The EVMC 3.8 from Cyber Switching is available for $3,495 without an enclosure, or $3,995 with enclosure.