Meet the electric vehicle master controller (EVMC) by Cyber switching

the PERFECT EV Charging solution for all-day or overnight charging.

4 EVs - 1 Circuit

Perfect for auto dealers, EV car fleets, apartment complexes and more

25+ Years in Power Management

We're industry leaders in maximizing power efficiency

Only Charge When Needed

Cycle through EVSE and only charge as vehicles need charging

Animation of EVMC Box

In-Depth Dashboard

Monitor use by outlet, prioritize and monitor power consumption

Maximize Your Power

Stabilize your power consumption over the course of the work day

Save $$$

Save on infrastructure & utility rates, address peak demand rates, time of use & more

Introducing the all-new EVMC 3.8 – the world’s only portable multiple-EV intelligent charging system!

It’s drop-dead easy and works perfectly to charge up to 4 EVs on a single 110 or 240 ouutlet, so it’s perfect for homes with more than one Electric Vehicle.



Cyber Switching develops power monitoring and management products that help customers dramatically reduce electrical energy costs, provide and prioritize energy allocation to mission critical services, protect costly equipment investments, and comply with the emerging government regulatory and industry standards as well as socially responsible directions in green energy solutions.

maximize energy efficiency with YOUR ev fleet

4 Electric vehicles on 1 circuit

With Cyber Switching’s one-of-a-kind, industry leading EVMC system, you can charge 4 EVs with a single circuit. By cycling through stations and providing power only when a vehicle is plugged in and needs charging, Cyber Switching’s EVMC helps reduce power output to charge EVs over the course of a day.

EVMC by cyber switching | NewsLetter


Installed an EVMC-Direct Input Unit to support Clipper Creek Share2 Units (6 EVSE supported). SMUD (Sacramento Municipal Utility District) will be setting the unit to on-demand charging during high demand daytime hours but will do sequential charge distribution for fleets to gain substantial savings during peak rate periods . Cloud-based network.

- Sacramento Municipal Utility District - SMUD